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  1.    difference?   difference? difference?

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    i want to know the difference of Shared Hosting,onshore or offshore hosting and VPS hosting?and its uses?
    raghuram Reviewed by raghuram on . difference? i want to know the difference of Shared Hosting,onshore or offshore hosting and VPS hosting?and its uses? Rating: 5

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  3.    difference?   difference? difference?
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    Good question for when your starting.

    Onshore hosting is when the server you are hosted on is located in the USA. Offshore is when it's located elsewhere. Onshore is usually cheaper as a result and has higher speeds but you run the risk of getting into trouble due to copyright issues. Offshore is safer as the copyright regulations are different. Their are different types of offshare too. eg France and Germany are technically offshore but wouldn't be as safe as Hong Kong or Russia. You should look for offshore hosting if your planing on a warez site. When starting any offshore will do but later if your site get's really big you'll have to consider more what country you want to host in and probably want to move to the more expensive but safer Hong Kong.

    I'll let someone else explain the difference between shared and vps.
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  4.    difference?   difference? difference?
    Onshore: Servers located in USA/Canada (North America)
    Offshore: Servers located in Netherlands, Germany, China, France, Russia, Eastern Europe.
    Mostly: Lot's of clients on one server.

    Stands for Virtual Private Server, it's not a real dedicated server but a virtual one.
    Dedicated server devided into 10 "virtual" servers. This will give you the feeling of a real server, but lesser power.

    -Dedicated Server-
    Is a real server located in a Datacenter.

    Is almost exactly like Shared hosting, the only difference is that you are with lesser clients on 1 server, this will bring you more power.

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