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  1.    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    well i payed for a resellers account from you so the debate between us "forumxt" had nothing to do with you
    and as they where hosted on my account that dont make me a hacker you idiot

    also i gave all the files back to them however you cocked up your server so all the databses that where taken where corrupt so they have you to thank for that
    "and you told me that from you own mouth"^^^^

    you just dont like the fact that ive told ppl in a popular forum like this about what you get up to

    What your tos says and what you do are 2 diffrent things
    good luck with anyone who hosts with you and i know about all the shit you have posted about me on fxt also

    we can all play this game dean
    Respected and Trusted People: UltimA - Dman - Ak47 - Whoo - CyberDeViLZ - HaxoR - jayfella - jjj - HAWK = <3

  2.    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    ha this come from inside forum xt

    Re: Clarksta At It Again
    guys he has replied to the post . i think some of you need to read it
    Dj Deano

    well it just goes to show how sad you realy are to have complete thread all about me

    or i should be honored i dont know maybe you should tell me

    btw badboy you talk a load of shit or should i call you knightsmith
    Respected and Trusted People: UltimA - Dman - Ak47 - Whoo - CyberDeViLZ - HaxoR - jayfella - jjj - HAWK = <3

  3.    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    Stop bad mouthing clarksta hes mah bitch! :angry:

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  5.    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    clarksta was my customer for quite some time. Though he had an independent server / VPS I doubt under this Sun that he could do such shitty things.

    Hacking a site requires a shit load of knowledge. Right from programming on web languages (PHP / SQL) to command line experience. I am not aware of clarksta knowing any web language, but he certainly wasn't a master at managing his server.

    I find a one out of a 100 chances that he could have hacked your site or what not.

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    also if your no hack then why on your forum you evan have a page for Hacking & Cracking you see we have spys all over your forum there is about 8 members who have all been nice to you on the forum but its time to open them up and lets fuck you up

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    Bring it on wanker!!!!

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    oh you are a real badboy arnt you
    i expect you got suspended from school for being an ass
    Respected and Trusted People: UltimA - Dman - Ak47 - Whoo - CyberDeViLZ - HaxoR - jayfella - jjj - HAWK = <3

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    Stone ban all those kids^^ they dont bring shit to the scene

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    if this site dont have anyone on for at lest 2hr ill rip this forum apart so make your database back up now

  •    GoDaddy   GoDaddy GoDaddy
    Ghetto you better look out bet your a fucking Nigga if you are ill come kick the liveing shit out of you black cunt go run off with all your other nigga buddy and stay away from the UK we dont need no more lol

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