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  1.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon

    Default HostEcon

    Professional Shared Hosting in Hong Kong.

    Plans from $4.99 per month (cPanel)

    UltimA Reviewed by UltimA on . HostEcon Professional Shared Hosting in Hong Kong. Plans from $4.99 per month (cPanel) Link Rating: 5

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  3.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon
    Does anyone know why they are so have much downtime last weeks ??issedoff:

  4.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon
    HostEcon = stay away from them

    I had about 60% downtime and extremely slow for the other 40% during March 2008.
    They are full of liars.

  5.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon
    I have just signed up with them they took my money and I had to ask them what was happening and got this reply.

    Unfortunately we have been having some difficulties with our datacenter in Hong Kong and although we have only moved to this datacenter relatively recently, we may not be able to continue to perform business with them as they are unable to support us in some key areas.

    There are 2 main reasons

    1. The IPs were in spamhaus blacklist, which means many of you were not able to send emails to hotmail, yahoo etc.

    2. Sites were not accessible from many parts of world esp. Europe causing too much headache for our clients.

    An alternative datacenter has already been found which can meet all of the necessary requirements. Unfortunately the datacenter change will cause unavoidable downtime and again, a change of IP for all servers.We intend to move the servers no earlier than April 10th 2008 after Hong Kong office hours.

    The servers should be available and back online the following morning before office hours starting April 11th 2008 9:00AM. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope to make the transition between datacenters as smooth and easy as possible. Unless you are using custom nameservers, you need not make any changes..

    If you have any questions or concerns, please open a ticket at or email me at any time.


  6.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon
    Wrzhost and hostecon are partners now.
    I will make sure you won't experience any slowness when joining up hostecon.
    Any questions? Want to make money?My Online Marketing Forum
    WRZhost offshore hosting! Still the best offshore hosting after 7 years! Hongkong,Russia,NL,Germany

  7.    HostEcon   HostEcon HostEcon
    Are these servers fast and secure ?

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