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  1.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    wp because of plugins

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  3.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    You'll get almost instant traffic with blogger, since it's Google's service. You will be able to insert ads here. blog won't allow you to put any kind of ads. But it has translation for most of the languages.
    Standalone wordpress blog, however, is better than both of these, because of the freedom it allows you.

    And what Mr Happy said, if you put ads too early, you are doomed to fail.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poison999 View Post
    Thanks for all
    and can you tell me which one niche is perfect for me in starting blogging because i want to earn money from blog through adsense..
    You need to learn a lot, to make a profitable adsense blog.

  4.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    Since you have to start with building content first anyways you can try on both. Bald sites are pretty bad for SEO I think.

    I've got to say I've got zero experience with blogger, but Wordpress I love. It's actually quite easy and making real proper themes for it ain't that hard either. Since Wordpress is ?ber documented, I'd go with that if you are willing to put some time in. You can eventually even go for your own CMS since blogging isn't really much else than storing posts and comments in a database and then showing them on the site.

    Also in the start, when you are still developing and building traffic, you can get a free host like x90x or 000webhost. They don't show advertisements and are pretty decent on the Fair Use. File Manager and FTP suck but you won't be using them once you're set-up.

    I'm working on a few blogs of my own and learned quite a lot already. If you have any specific questions I'd be glad to answer them!

    Good luck yo.

  5.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    WordPress is good for SEO. It has many tools for SEO help. I will prefer to go through and install blog with own hosting and domain. It will give huge profit for growing our blog.
    Blogger is good for ad-sense ads management and have much free to use widget if you have not money to invest for hosting to WordPress. Blogger not need more money for themes and plugins like WordPress.
    I think chose anyone as per your requirements.

  6.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    one more vote for Wordpress. I read somewhere that you can rank your site much easier if it's a blogger blog. Google owns blogger so this seems legit enough. But personally I prefer wordpress. It comes with millions of themes and plugins and is very easy to use.

  7.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    TonyD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Poison999 View Post
    Hello i am new in this forum and i will make my own blog but i am confuse to choose which one blogger or wordpress please anybody help me and i will confuse to choose a right niche for my blog please reply must .
    Blogger is a great place to start if you've never had a blog before, plus it's free. If you want to make money you're pretty much stuck with Google Adsense and maybe Amazon. With WordPress you have many way options as far as themes, plugins, and advertising options. Personally, I would go with WordPress.

  8.    Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???   Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ??? Blogger  VS   Wordpress  ???
    I would just simply highlighted a little different in between Blogspot vs WordPress. and are a good free blogging platform. However, both take ages to make your blog popular unless you have lots of interesting writing content that can attract visitors to come to your blog for reading. is self-hosted platform and is the preferable content network for blogging.
    With, you can use SEO plugins to SEO your blog for best optimization.
    There are tons of plugins developed by the WP developers of which you won't find or use them on the free blogging platform.

    Let's take one example of how to make money fast.
    On WordPress self-hosted site, you can just buy a domain with $0.99, build an incredible Landing Sales Page of an affiliate product or product from CPA network, drive traffic to the Sales Page and there, you are on the way to make your first money online.

    Hopefully, this would help you in a wider view.

    Update: Oh yes, they are few free hosting service for WordPress self-hosted domain out there. Do a Google search
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